Thursday, January 14, 2010

*~Overheard ~*

It's Thursday, but I'm gonna take a late Road Trip. And, oh yes, this is my first Road Trip Wednesday :)

YA Highway asked: What's everyone's reaction when they find you you're writing a book?

Turns out, not very many people know that. It's my big secret (tra-la...oh, now you know). But there have been a few who found out.

Mum: "Sweetheart, when's it getting published?" (like I control the publishing industry)

Dad: "Umm...right, you're not serious, are you? Wait, are you planning to take that as a real job? I'm not opening a bank here, just so you know."

Brother: "Wicked. Just get it done, will you..I wanna see it in print." *punches the air* (my biggest fan, only fan)

Acquaintance #1: *blinks* "Okay."

Acquaintance #2: "Go, girl. You can do it."

Acquaintance #3: "You should write about the economic downturn."

Acquaintance #4: "All, will you do my homework?"


"What are you writing about?"

"So..*changes subject*"

"I'm so proud of you." (Said person is someone I've never met before. Ahem.  Courtesy Mum's gushing)

"Get me a free book when it's published."

"Can I have your autograph?"

"Ah...teenagers *rolls eyes*"

"Will there be a steamy sex scene?"

"Why?" ('cause you're not satisfying me, duckhead)

And while you're at it, do stop over at Race's blog. She's holding a giveaway of The Secret Year.


Bailey McKay Clement said...

Haha my mom says the exact same thing. I don't even bother trying to explain it to her anymore, lol.

Anonymous said...

Quick thought: you might want to change the font color you use to something lighter. I can't read that dark blue against the black without highlighting the post first.

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

You brother sounds awesome :D I get the "send me a book" thing too. Not made of money here, people! haha.

Kathy Bradey said...

Haha @ Dad. Yes, I think we all get that "make sure you have something to fall back on" speech :)

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