Sunday, April 11, 2010

What You Can't (rather MUST NOT) Miss

Something along the following lines happened yesterday afternoon:
Brother smelled smoke. I saw smoke tendrils blanketing the balcony. Rushed to find a bucket, a stool and a chair reduced to a heap of ashes on the ground. No wire or fire-instigating tool in sight. No crazy people around our neighbourhood who'd throw anything inflammable into our balcony. Nobody in our house as so much as loves playing with fire. No sworn enemy wanting to take revenge aka Bond-style. Creepy. Very, very creepy.
We still have no clue as to how or why the fire started in the first place. This morning we did some cleaning up, and even after after vigorous washing and scrubbing this is how it looks
Our poor balcony at the back the house, which used to be my fave writing hideout as a kid, is damaged. RIP.
Then, the other day at the supermarket, somebody left this filled trolley in the middle of the slope-y aisle and bam! it crashed into me and injured the middle finger of my right hand *grumble, grumble, stupid trolley, stupid trolley owner* While I can still write, it hurts and it's been a frustrating two days. Grrr..

Ah, well.

On to better things now. The reasons for this post being written. The What-You-Can't-(rather-MUST-NOT)-Miss reason(s). Oh yes, it's time for contest updates!
--> Check out Punk Writer Kid Emilia's BOOM DE YA DA contest featuring an epic I-love-Publishing video and a copy of Courtney Summers' Some Girls Are.
--> Head over to back-from-hiatus fellow YA writer BECCA'S contest of Artistic Proportions. Honestly, this kinda contest happens once in a while!
-->Drop by badass book reviewer CHOCO'S 600 Follower Giveaway to win Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall and Julia Hoban's Willow.

Look, if you're still wondering which to enter, I'll say you're being stupid deciding. They are all international and all supremely amazing, so take the chance and shoot off entries for all three!


Natasha Bennett said...

Sorry to hear about your fire! That sounds terrible. :(

Becca Cooper said...

That fire sounds so bizarre! And very creepy. o.O Spontaneous combustion, anyone?

Emilia Plater said...



Thanks for the linkage! haha <33

Bee said...

Natasha~ Oh yes, my lovely ruined balcony :-I

Becca~ Spontaneous combustion..yikes! Creepy o creepy!

Emilia~ No probs :)

Tahereh said...

oh bestie!!!!!!!

please feel better and i'm so sorry about the fire :( :(

hope all is well :(


Tracy said...

I hope things start getting better for you

Lydia Kang said...

Oh! I hope your finger gets better. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Someone must have used a wornhole to get in and get out undetected. Happens everyday somewhere, someplace, to someone.

Stephen Tremp

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