Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fairy Tale ~ Cyn Balog

I wanted to read this for a LONG time, and my reaction after I did? Umm..

Morgan Sparks and Cam Browne are a match made in heaven. They’ve been best friends since birth, they tell each other everything, and oh yeah- they’re totally hot for each other.
But a week before their joint Sweet Sixteen bash, everything changes. Cam’s awkward cousin Pip comes to stay, and Morgan is stunned when her formerly perfect boyfriend seems to be drifting away.

When Morgan demands answers, she’s shocked to discover the source of Cam’s distance isn’t another girl- it’s another world.  Pip claims that Cam is a fairy.  No, seriously.  A fairy. And now his people want Cam to return to their world and take his rightful place as Fairy King.

Determined to keep Cam with her, Morgan plots to fool the fairies. But as Cam continues to change, she has to decide once and for all if he really is her destiny, and if their “perfect” love can weather an uncertain future.
What I liked:

--> The quick, fast-paced nature of Fairy Tale which made me keep turning the pages.
--> The humour. Morgan, the MC had a funny bone and it kept the atmosphere light.
--> The occasional witticisms. From Morgan again.
--> Cam and Pip, the love interests. Glaring contrasts against the usual brooding, dark hero with the perpetual unreadable expression in his face who keeps popping into every YA paranormal. Nice guys.
--> The atmosphere. Once again contrasting other paranormals, Fairy Tale was light and funny. For once it wasn't all life and death dilemmas (even though the book summary makes it sound rather intense), which was refreshing.
--> Morgan's psychic ability.
--> The cover.

What I didn't like:

--> Morgan at the beginning. Unlikable, not because she was flawed, but because she was stereotypical (minus the psychic powers). The voice I'd read so, so many times. Boring.
--> The stereotypical depiction of female friendship. the snide-mockery of your lesser-mortal of a best friend. Morgan getting bored of her best friend's jabber. Morgan knowing her best friend is a sort of loser. Doesn't work for me.
--> Nothing enticing about the fairies.
--> Lack of chemistry between Morgan and Cam. No showing, just telling.
--> The intensity of the situation doesn't strike home (maybe 'cos there was no intensity as there's supposed to be?). Didn't make my heart race. Didn't make me root for anyone.
--> Zero character development.
--> The ending. Without getting spoiler-ish, it left me unconvinced.

If you're looking for a one-time fast paced read to get you through a delay at the airport terminal, pick this up. Otherwise, it's up to you.

What did you think of this book?


Nicole MacDonald said...

Thanks for the review, I'd had my eye on this but perhaps not :)

Abby said...

Thanks for the review! I'd heard of this book and was rather interested, but sad to see that it falls on stereotypes. I wouldn't have liked that.

Anonymous said...

great review! Shame the book didn't live up to your expectations :( Bleh, stereotypical characters always kills a book.

I might pick this one up.

Bee said...

Nicole ~ I know. I was so excited about this, then 'bleh..'

Abby and Amna ~ Stereotypes are absolute book killers :(

bclement412 said...

nice review, i'm glad you gave me the heads up about it

Angie said...

yeah, what a downer that it didn't live up to your expectations. I'd never actually heard of this one. thanks for the review.

Lydia Kang said...

Ah, nice honest review. Thank you for telling us what you think. Your negatives would bother me too.
The positives do sound good. I'm on the fence.

Style, She Wrote said...

I didn't read this but thanks for the honest review. I will definitely check it out next time I go to the book store. xo style, she wrote

Bee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bee said...

Bailey and Angie ~ It's a shame when they have such promising premises, and fall short :(

Lydia and Style, She Wrote ~ I wouldn't want one to pass this up completely. It has its moments. But, then again. Bleh.
Also, good to see you around here, Style :P

Jen said...

How funny! I just recently fell across this author and I am planning on picking up a copy of her book! I also have her set up for an interview over at my blog this month!

I appreciate your review and plan to keep an open mind! Thanks Bee!

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to read this for a long time, and I finally bought it the beginning of summer. I haven't read it yet. I really do want to like it, but after this....

Bee said...

Jen ~ I will definitely check out your interview to see what she has to say :)

Medeia ~ I entered every giveaway to win this..imagine! But there are good things, and reading opinions vary, so don't give up on it :D

Tracy said...

It sounds fun for a quick read over a weekend! Too bad it was missing that character development, that can definitely make or break any novel.

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