Monday, September 27, 2010

Blueberry distractions and Boom Chika Contests!

I'm alive.
And I'm back.

Life called.
Love beckoned.
Distraction thrashed around.
Blueberry puddings filled in my stomach.

But oohtralalala...blogosphere, I'm not gonna be M.I.A for much longer.

So with a quick update:
I'm reading: Jackson Pearce's As You Wish. (Thanks to Nomes and her freaking lovely lil contests). Urban fantasy is so saturated right now, I've been passing up most of the books from that genre for the past year. But I was so pleasantly surprised with this one. The writing flows effortlessly and there's this aura of mysticism where the fantasty world (in this case, Caliban) is concerned. I'm liking it so far. Which is an essentially good thing since the lack of likable books prior to this (recently) was a contributing factor to my blog drought.

I'm writing: What Was Mine is being reincarnated. I think. For the past few weeks I've been in a slump and haven't produces a word, and especially now when I'm so close to getting it done, the WiP drought killed me. Almost. And the reincarnation? Well, I like where it's going.

Around blogosphere:
--- Sarah Woodard shares Five Things She Would Love To See In YA. And she's speaking my mind.
--- Also, where Banned Books Week is concerned, Malindo Lo shares her thoughts, while Ravenous Reader shares an Ellen Hopkins poem and gives away signed copies of her book.
--- Still on contests, Karla Nellenbach talks about Five YA books that Inspire her to be a Better Writer, thrown in with a contest to win one of them. Boom boom chika chika!
It's hard to compile a list but because I have my eyes on one of them, here's my choice:
> Jenny Downham's Before I Die
> Angela Morrison's Taken By Storm
> Jaclyn Moriarty's Feeling Sorry For Celia/ the Year of Secret Assignments
> Jandy Nelson's The Sky Is Everywhere
> Anne Cassidy's Missing Judy

I think it's the 'Better Writer' tag that counts here, my fave list could stretch on forever :)

Meanwhile, what have you been reading/writing all this while?


Colene Murphy said...

Good luck on the revamp of your novel! You seem more confident about the new direction?

That blueberry yum looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

My goodness does that look delicious!

Welcome back, and good luck with your reincarnation. Hope all goes well!

Bee said...

Colene and Kelly ~ Yeah! I think this might be the book I'd set out to write after all :D

Anonymous said...





All is right with the world ~~~

Jennie Bailey said...

That pudding looks DIVINE! Yum! I'm reading the third book in The Mortal Instruments and The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant (on the Michael Vick dogs). Writing - I'm rewriting and hacking away at my full manuscript, and chasing two shiny new ideas simultaneously.

I'm also buried trying to get ready for my non-profits annual fundraising hike. Lots of work.

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