Thursday, September 16, 2010


Photography does strange things for any artist. For a writer, photospiration is not something uncommon. Each snapshot tells a story. Stories that perhaps already exist. Or ones that you believe exist. Or it just be fodder you paint in your fictitious world. It's amazing what one single captured moment can tell you.

I was away at a remote seaside village for a while for a while.
And the beach there wasn't the usual sand-sunbath kinda beach. Cars commute on this one. And there are specific timings (according to the ebb and flow of the water) during which cars can get down on the beach. I've never been to any such beach ever and it was kinda cool.
I thought I'd share a few snaps here.


My next novel, Summer of You, was inspired by a photograph I came across on Google one day. Someday I'll share that with you guys, but tell me, have you ever been Photospired?

Also, I could help adding, I think this song might just be my MC, Ronni's, anthem:


JB Lynn said...

Great pics! I don't think I've ever been inspired by a photo, but when I get stuck writing I like to take pictures. It helps me to view the world differently.

Angie said...

Awesome pics. I don't think I've ever been inspired by a photo either, although looking at photos can sometimes help you to visualize what you want to describe. Like when I have a vision in my head of what a particular scene looks like, I'll do searches to find a picture that looks sort of like it and then use it to help me find the right words. Have a good weekend!

Jennie Bailey said...

You got some GREAT pics there! I have definitely been photspired! When I was writing my last MS, I used photos of the actual location for inspiration frequently. I love a good photograph that can draw you in! GREAT post!

Cleverly Inked said...

Wow that beach is amazing. Thanks for being a follower :) I hope you stop by more often. I love hearing from my followers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I'm also inspired by photo. Sometimes they get the mood just... PERFECTLY.

Bee said...

JB ~ Taking pictures to cure writer's block? That is supremely cool. I haven't tried that, but you're giving me ideas.

Angie ~ Yeah, I agree. It's awesome to look at photos to get an accurate picture of what you visualize. Sometimes though, I just leave it to the imagination!

Jennie ~ Most of my settings are fictitious but it must be really cool to place your book in a real place, and wow, pics too = Win.

Cleverly ~ Thank you! And thanks for dropping by :)

Amna ~ I'm TOTALLY with you!

Anonymous said...

I find photos inspirational. Great video pick, by the way.

Rain Blanken said...

I bumped along the ABWRi Cooler, then subsequently your blog through your signature, thinking about inspirational images. In fact, I just created a folder (not even a minute ago) named 'inspirational images'. I thought 'Oh, that's a good idea, maybe it will help me write' Then I fell onto this post. Crazy coincidence, and you just confirmed my idea to use a bank of images for writing inspiration. I had to tell you!

Thanks for confirming one of my crackpot ideas!

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