Thursday, October 21, 2010

*Blog Birthday of DreamCatching Proportions*!! CLOSED

Oh, yes.
Dreamcatcher's Lair turns one today.
Exactly a year ago, I decided to do something about the time I spent thinking about books and pondering about writing. Tried bringing them together. And BAM! this blog was born.
Okay, so maybe it wasn't so dramatic. But there was this particular book I loved, which instantly sparked off the I-must-tell-people-about-this-book-I-must-blog feeling, which of course made me rush online and attack blogger.
My commentless inaugeration post is still on display, if you're interested in reading and laughing.
So is the review of the book which made me start this blog in the first place.

And for sticking around and bearing with my rants and rambles, I have something for you.
Something like this:

 So here's the deal. There are three things up for grabs:
1) A set of signed copies of Taken By Storm and Sing Me To Sleep by Angela Morrison.

2) A copy of Trisha Ashley's upcoming new book, Twelve Days Of Christmas.

3) The Language Of Flowers book. It's illustrated and very Victorian.

Which means, there shall be three winners. The first winner gets to choose between 1, 2 and 3. The second winner gets to choose out of the remaining two and so on. An Honorary fourth winner will get to win some signed/unsigned bookmarks of my choice.
Here's what you have to do to participate: 
First, follow my blog.
Second, leave a comment on this post.
Third and most important, fill out this form. All three steps are absolutely necessary.

This contest is international and open till the 10th of November.

For being here. For sticking around. For making me stick around :)
You guys rock.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unbroken Connection (...and some more)

Against all odds, the couple that swept you away in TAKEN BY STORM is back. Michael is in Thailand diving his dream. Leesie is at BYU living hers. And they just can't leave each other alone. Their romance rekindles, deeper than before. They grow desperate to see one another again. To hold one another again. Michael decides there is only one direction their relationship can go and asks Leesie the ultimate question. Her answer challenges everything Michael is and wants to be. Can she change for him? Can he change for her? Enough? 
Taken By Storm was one of the best books I read in 2009.
Which is why when Razorbill rejected it's sequel, I started the Support Group on Facebook. Leesie and Michael's story had to be heard. Out loud. 'Cause no one does emotional storytelling and luminous prose like Angela Morrison. And no couple can complement that like Michael and Leesie.

If you haven't yet read Taken By Storm, this might get spoilerish. Be warned.
 Also, if you haven't read it, what are you doing here? Read. It. Now.

Michael and Leesie are back. As opposed to their promises at the end of Taken By Storm, they can't stay without each other. Sufficing on just platonically loving each other over the internet, while separated by oceans, isn't working in their favour. 'Cause sometimes, love runs deep and it's more about needing than wanting. And this is what brings one of my favourite teen couples back together.

The narrative style employed in Unbroken Connection, is similar to it's prequel - dive log entries, Chapbook poems, chat logs make up the bulk of the book. And this quirky stylistic device is tackled with such cleverness that in spite of the narrative divisions, the story flows without jerks and breaks. It's awe-inspiring for any writer how Angela Morrison does it but she does it, the fantastic writer that she is. Her grace in handling religious issues is once again (as seen in Taken By Storm) highly commendable. Leesie may be a faithful Mormon but Michael presents a totally different perspective. What is remarkable is how Morrison presents both sides of the coin in an unbiased, honest manner. I think that's why, in spite of my differing views on religion and spirituality, I love Leesie and Michael's story so much. It never gets preachy. It's about two people in love, facing very realistic obstacles, like family, faith and religion -- and while the 'love conquers all' theme does run through, they have to deal with life first before that happens.

The character development in Unbroken Connection is realistic and remarkable. I loved, loved Michael here. The Michael from Taken By Storm who was experienced in all kinds of love, redeems himself through Leesie's love here, while by the end of Unbroken Connection, Leesie who'd always tried her best keeping things under control emerges battered and bruised from tragedy.
This is a deeply moving, poignant tale of young love and it's power to destroy, yet heal.

You can browse through and buy Unbroken Connection here.

Leesie and Michael's story doesn't end here, though. The third and final installment of their story, Cayman Summer, will officially release in early 2011. But before that, Angela Morrison has created a blog wholly dedicated to Cayman Summer. Here she will share rough drafts, unfinished poems, revised scenes and finally polished chapters as she writes Cayman Summer. I urge you to join her on her journey.
                Cayman Summer Blog

Meanwhile, my Blog Anniversary is coming up in just a couple of days. I have things (hint: giveaways) in store for you, so don't forget to check back.

Also, thank you for sticking around. I realise I haven't been a particularly faithful blogger, lately, owing to some very personal reasons (which are..up and around in this blog, anyway) but thank you. For being here. For sharing your thoughts. You guys make my day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Letter To A MuseCrush

Dear A,

It wasn't meant to be this way.
Not like this. Not right now.
But that's exactly what happened. And now is exactly when it did.
And really there's really no answer to the why. Why you?

You have no idea what you meant. I had no chance to telling you.
You were the Beatles-haired boy who walked straight out of my dreams.
You made the past two months the best part of my life in the last three years.
You were the Muse.

And then you die. Who the heck dies at 19? Why you?
Fuck the world. Fuck God. Fuck everything.

I was going to tell you. I was going to tell you on Monday.
And I wasn't going to screw up. It was going to be perfect.
And then you die on Saturday. Why?

I saw the photographs. Taken just minutes before.
You. Smiling. In the river.
It wasn't even that big a river.
You were supposed to get a chance at least.
A chance for yourself.
For your dreams.
For everyone else. For us.

Who would've guessed forever could be severed by the sharp knife of a short life.

But it's The End now.
The end to your story.
Before it even began. 
Because with you, the Muse is gone. 
And he's not coming back.
Not now.
Not ever.

I wish you were here.
I wish you'd stayed.
I wish your time hadn't run out.
I wish, I wish, I wish - I still had you.

Gone, they say, you are. But,
I'll keep you. Forever,
The Beatles-haired boy straight out of my dreams.


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This is NOT a work of fiction.
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