Monday, February 14, 2011

For my Valentine: A Verse of Love

Guess who I'm loving this year?

The gorgeous Samantha Mabry !

In case you missed out, this is all part of the Valentine's Day Lovefest happening around blogosphere. And Samantha, happens to be my secret valentine (yes, yes, it's a cyber rendezvous as you can well see!). For the full list of secret valentines, check out Kate Hart's blog.

Back to my lovely valentine..

This one goes out to her:

She sighs like the wind
When overwhelmed by guilt
But often doesn’t that happen
When the ghosts find themselves sharpened
Cos write about the paranormal does she
And Dracula finds a special place in her heart, oh wee!

Old romances she hearts
From The Black Crowes she wouldn’t dart
And in her husband’s arms she finds her place,
Alas, that gives me no solace!

Cos she’s a girl like no other
And with them I wouldn’t bother
But Samantha Mabry stole my heart
And from her I can’t stay apart.

So, on this day of earthly love
With this dove, I send my glove
Oh, sweet dame
Will you keep playing my game?

I hope Cupid's arrow went to the right direction. Wish you all a Very Happy Valentine's Day!


Samantha Mabry said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks!

Angela Felsted said...

What a lucky girl Samantha is. You wrote her a poem!

Yahong Chi said...

Yay, so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Bidisha, and Samantha!

Jess said...

Samantha is a lucky soul indeed to have you as her valentine ode writer!

Wow, that sounded really cheesy. But HEY! It's Valentine's Day and we're all allowed to be extra gushy with our extolling of virtues, right? :)

Kate Hart said...

Ten gazillion bonus points for the Crowes mention.

Emilia Plater said...

Yay!! Samantha's so awesome :D

Jessica Love said...

That Valentine is so full of win.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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