Friday, August 26, 2011

In which I complain and ramble about changes (+PHOTOS!)

There's been too many things that happened this past month, which should be blamed for the lack of reviews, or teasers, or just blog posts in general.
Too many changes. Big and small and inbetweens.
The biggest probably is the fact that I've enrolled in Grad School. So basically I'm studying for an M.A. in English degree from the University of Delhi. Which means, I've shifted cities. From Calcutta, which is in the east, to Delhi, that's in the north. And, well, it's this really really big change for me because I've lived in Calcutta all my 21 years of life. My college was near home, so I commuted daily and basically, I've just never lived alone in my life. Although I wanted to. And now that I am, well, it's kind of depressing.
I know, I know, it hasn't been that long, and it'll take some time getting used to it and all that, but, um, I'm not very sure right now. The accommodation facility? Terrible. But I hear the other places are worse. Everything's so damn different. Net conn's so bad in my room it makes me throw my slippers at the wall. Room's all squalid and I have to queue up at 5 in the morning to take a bath. Yes, it's a common bathroom. And oh my god, people study here ALL THE TIME. Yeah, I know they are all here to study and get that damn degree, but what happened to 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'? Also, I have a crackhead for a roomie, who scares me because she wants all my things and I have to use five locks even if I'm stepping out of the room for a minute 'cos she might just vanish with my stuff.

And most importantly, really?
I miss my family. I've never stayed away from my brother for so long. And he's like my best friend. And it's weird being away from Mum, although I'd always tell her and Dad that I wanted to get away. Oh, I don't know, maybe this could work out if it was my kinda place, but no, it's like this alienish sphere where I feel the constant urge to pull my hair.

I'm gonna give it some time, I guess, like everyone says. Or I might just move back home. Next week's crucial. I was so excited about this thing and it turned out entirely different from how I thought it would. It's disappointing.

Some good did end up coming out of being in Delhi for a while. I got to visit the Taj. I've been in Delhi about 7 times earlier, but there never was time to plop into Agra for a visit. And there were all these very interesting squeal-worthy things that made my day, in spite of the city being absolutely dust-drenched.
Like, this tonga,

And this camel-carriage thingy
And there was this long snaky queue, which frustrated me because it was insanely hot. But, damn, that first glimpse of the Taj!

It was all white and gorgeous and a bit sad considering it's actually a tombstone and oh my, it was time for all that epic squealing. There's the Yamuna river right behind and..GAH! I couldn't believe I hadn't been there earlier. It was a crazy wish fulfillment. And THEN, we went to the Agra Fort, which was home to the Mughal Emperors and has all these VERY INTERESTING tunnels and secret passageways and enormous gold-plated rooms and gigantic grounds which held man-fights and beast-fights and I was so blown away.

And that's only one of 22 such parts of the fort. The best thing though, turned out to be this,

The view of the Taj from the fort. It was so bloody stunning, this photo doesn't do it any kind of justice.
So yeah, some good did come out of shifting here, although I'm going crazy bonkers thinking how I am to survive two whole damn years here.
Also, I'm gonna get back to the regular blogging thing asap to get into the hang of things. Provided, of course, that the net conn doesn't make me throw more than my slippers at the wall.
Also, the writing. That needs to be taken care of.
And the TBR pile. Oh yeah.
So, this is what I'm reading:

And you?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday ENID BLYTON!

She was the reason I bothered with books in the first place,
And then became an addict.

She was the reason I tried my hand at writing,
And then fell in love with it.

She showed me a world of adventure -
Where castles hid treasures waiting to be discovered,
Princes' were held hostage in the house-next-door,
An island could be owned by a girl and her dog,
    Secret passages existed right under your nose.

    She showed me a world of enchantment -
    Where trees took you to magical lands,
    Wishing chairs traveled far and wide,
    Moonface, Silky, Saucepan Man and Dame Washalot
    could be your friends,
    And swish you away to the
    Land of Take-What-You-Want,
    Or the Land of Birthdays,
    Right according to your wish.

      She took me to exciting boarding schools,
      To Malory Towers, St Clare's and Whyteleaf school,
      To midnight snacks and sneak-outs and circus mayhem,
      Befriending artsy scatterbrains and brainy pranksters,
      Who dabbled in stink pellets and invisible chalk.

       She taught me life's lessons,
       Amidst nabbing smugglers,
       And finding tunnels behind bookshelves,
       And fairy folk inside your neighbour's basket.

    She made me believe that,
    Toys could talk,
    Trees could dance,
    And chairs could grant my wishes.

    Kidhood couldn't have been more fun!
    And it all I owe to her.

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