Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday (#1)

So, I've decided to join the bandwagon and do a weekly meme.
I like the concept of Waiting On Wednesday (started by Jill from Breaking the Spine) because:
  • featuring books that I so-can't-wait-for seems like fun.
  • I get to talk about more books!
  • you get to hear about more books!
  • and...well, I'll have a weekly something to look forward to posting. Without fail :)
...and therefore, you see, this is the perfect thing to do every week. Hope you'll stick around.

This week I'm waiting for -

Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink
by Stephanie Kate Strohm
Expected publication - May, 2012

From the author's website:
Libby Kelting had always felt herself born out of time. No wonder the historical romance-reading, Jane Austen-adaptation-watching, all-around history nerd jumped at the chance to intern at Camden Harbor, Maine’s Oldest Living History Museum. But at Camden Harbor Libby’s just plain out of place, no matter how cute she looks in a corset. Her cat-loving coworker wants her dead, the too-smart-for-his-own-good local reporter keeps pushing her buttons, her gorgeous sailor may be more shipwreck than dreamboat — plus Camden Harbor’s haunted. Over the course of one unforgettable summer, Libby learns that boys, like ghosts, aren’t always what they seem.

Why I'm waiting for this:

Firstly, I was sold at 'Jane Austen-adaptation-watching'. I mean, I like Ms. Austen's books a lot, but I think I like the screen adaptations even more. I don't give a damn about how the critics rate them, they function like pick-me-ups and are hugely entertaining. Plus, the men are swoony.

Secondly, there's a museum and CAMDEN HARBOR IS HAUNTED! So ghosts. I love ghosts! Especially in contemporaries where they make a guest appearance. I mean, seriously, what's not to love?

Thirdly, see those other characters mentioned? I *want* to read about them. I want to read about the hostile coworker, the supersmart reporter and the pretty sailor. Wait...what?! A sailor? Where did he come from? WHY AREN'T THERE MORE BOOKS WITH SAILORS? Authors, are you listening?

The moment I came across this book on one of my lurk-sprees, I almost sang out. This book is for me, me, me. It sounds fun and quirky and there's Jane Austen and ghosts and - oh damn, I need this right away.

What are you waiting for?


Wendy Darling said...

Hah, hilarious WOW. :) Nice pick!

Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

Anonymous said...

Dude, this is an example of a blurb done right. Now I'm curious about the sailor too. I'll wait for your thoughts on this before I make the plunge. :D

Bee said...

I hope I get to read this 'cos I really want to. YA contemporaries hardly make their way to the bookstores here. Unless I order online. Which costs a fortune.

Anywho. For the sailor, I'd do it. I guess ;)

Candace said...

Oh, I hadn't heard of this one yet, but I'm with you, it sounds AMAZING! Now I can't wait for it! Thanks for putting it on my radar!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sounds cute, I hadn't heard of it either. I think my sister might enjoy it.

i wanted to let you know that Destiny is open to International entries now, so I'll count your comment! :)


Karla Calalang said...

Oooh this sounds really cute! I might really enjoy this :D

Anonymous said...

I laughed just from the title!

You have been tagged :)

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