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I'm not hard to please as a reader and I always give fair reviews. I mention both the positives and the negatives I take back from a book. I have a thing for character-driven stories and gorgeous writing, but great storytelling can often make up for under-emphasis on those two aspects, sometimes. Be rest assured that I won't thrash a book or bad-mouth an author. I have great respect for authors and do not believe a book can be terrible from every aspect. Books speak differently to different people, so just because something did not appeal to me does not mean I'll discourage other readers from giving it a chance. My foremost purpose as a book-lover is to encourage people to read.

Having said that, I reserve the right to review or not review a book. For instance, if a book does not bode well with me AT ALL or if I'm unable to finish a book I will not review it.

I post my reviews on this blog and Goodreads and Amazon.

Please respect my reviews. Irrespective of which way my opinions may swing, do not take my reviews as personal attacks of any sort. If you're sending me a book to review, I would expect you to appreciate my honest opinion on it.

I realise that considering I live in India, shipping books is expensive, but print copies will always find favour over ebooks. I cannot guarantee reviewing every ebook I'm sent. (I don't own a Kindle and reading on the computer tires me out. Really.)

Update: I'm not open to ebooks at the moment, owing to the flood of ebook requests I've had recently. However, if you have a print copy to send me, I'd be willing to take a look at it.

I only interview authors whose books I have read. If you want me to feature you in an interview, click under the 'Contact Me' tab and we can get talking!
Author Guest Posts are open to all - irrespective of whether I've read your book yet or not. However, I will ask you to keep your posts short or moderate. Rambly posts are often a turn off and many readers only skim through them.

Whatever queries or comments you may have, feel free to contact me.
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