Who Is This Thing?!

Bidisha was once a postgraduate student of English Literature who bought too many books and was therefore, perpetually broke. Now she works for a major publishing house, still buys - rather hoards - too many books and is still broke. Really. A voracious reader and an obsessive compulsive writer, she lives vicariously through fictitious characters visiting fictitious places and doing everything fictitious.When angsty words and refilled cups of lemon tea aren’t enough to feed her tortured artist persona, she turns to films. On better days, you might find her rambling nineteen to the dozen about the Winchester brothers. On the best days, she'll just be kinder to the travel bug.

You can find her at the following places:

Instagram (where she often rambles in verse)
Tumblr (where she posts too much slash)
Twitter (where everything depends on her mood)
Goodreads (where you'll find her with more books!)
Facebook (where it's just ... veryveryrandom)

Random Facts:

She worships at the altar of J.K. Rowling. Suffice to say Harry Potter is her twin (they both have messy black hair and the skinny thing going for them), only she attended Hogwarts via distance-learning, and now chaperones the Weasley kids. (Especially when Rose needs to borrow her Firebolt to sneak into Scorpius Malfoy's manor)

She's a Potterhead and a Saltgunner. All arguments are invalid.

She also watches too many TV shows, even if they traumatize her sometimes (*waves at Game of Thrones*), develops wobbly knees for stories with magic, gets excited about most things Gothic and changes life goals with a fervor.

She has a flighty inspiration fairy for company who parties with the other inspiration folk at normal hours and turns up at the oddest - like, the middle of the night, or while she is taking a bath. 

She is governed by the moon and is hence prone to random lunacy (like writing this entire thing in third person).

And just so you have a good day, she gives you these ;)

PS. Bewarned, Boy Wonder spam isn't hard to come across around these parts of the blogosphere.
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