Saturday, November 28, 2009

WiP BUZZ : Spirits Within

First the good news : All's well with the University results. I got a first class honours :D *does a merry dance*

Now, the other good news: I'm finally here to talk about Spirits Within. 
So, breathe.



Rosa Rajput has forever been an outcast. Blame it on her freak ability to see and communicate with the dead. So when she is sent to live with her Mum's friend and her family to Oak Ridge, a small town in Northern England, after two consecutive expulsions, she is looking for a fresh start. Minus the spectral visitations, that is. Ghosts, though, seldom let go of their only connection with the living world. When Rosa's friend, Oliver, falls victim to a spate of baffling murders, it is up to her and a family of Healers to get to the bottom of it. Not exactly her idea of a perfect start. Not her comfort zone either....

......Hiding behind hoodies, skating the length of the town, Rosa finds her own personal escape in skater-boy Conner. As she fools around town with this mysterious boy and his group of friends, she is drawn to the comfort he offers, a break from her freakishly lonely world, unable to realise that the closer she gets to Conner's world the more she is risking herself to fate's worst nightmares. 

I have to be honest.
This is the first time I've done a synopsis of SW. The obvious reason being I'm bad with them. I don't know how good this is or how well it embraces the story but it's all in good practise, I guess. :D

PS. I'll soon be starting a new section called CHATTERBUZZ featuring writing tips, interviews and of course the usual chatter from both published and unpublished writers.
Hope you guys will be looking forward to it as much as I am.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FrEaKiNg OuT

I know I said I'll be posting about SW soon.
And I will. I promise.
Right now though, I'm freaking out.
'Cause my University results are coming out tomorrow and, well, a lotta things depend on it.
I need all the luck in the world. Help ho!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Discriminating Against a Sect of Writers: Free World?

This is a mail I got via 5 Minutes For Books and I thought I should share it with you all. Is this a reflection of our "free society"? I want to know what you think.

Dear Book Lover:
You may not know me, or my novels, because I am a member of a growing band of African-American writers of literary fiction who are slowly disappearing. And not because I am lacking in talent and credentials; in fact I have already published a number of books with major publishing houses and have been reviewed by national newspapers and well-respected literary journals, and have received critical acclaim and awards for my efforts. My work has been hailed as vivid, thought provoking and brilliant. I have been compared to Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston and Gloria Naylor.
The fact that my novels may disappear is not due to the downward spiral of the economy or the pound of flesh it has taken from the book-publishing industry. No, my demise began long before the floor of the housing market began to rot away and the stock market crashed through.
I don't rightly know why publisher’s market fiction written by African-Americans ONLY TO African-Americans - but it has become common practice. And by doing this, they've placed all AA authors in one box forcing them to compete for the attention of ONE audience.
The word that has been coined to describe what is happening to AA writers is: Seg-Book-Gation
Segregation is an abominable practice no matter how you slice it - but when you apply it to art — it becomes a sin. Art of any medium should transcend color, race, class, religion and ethnicity, but alas, that is not the case in the publishing world.
AA literary writers like myself are being pushed out of the industry all together as we are no longer able to secure book deals, because publisher claim that AA readers are only interested in buying books about sex, street-life and drugs. We know that this is not the case. We are a diverse people, interested in a variety of subjects.
sugarOn January 9th, 2010, my debut novel, Sugar will celebrate its 10th anniversary. In order to commemorate this occasion, it is my great hope that this moving story of friendship and acceptance will sell 10,000 copies between now and the anniversary date.
It is my dream that the surge in sales for this decade old novel, will send a message to the publishers that we readers desire …crave and DEMAND a variety of literature from our AA writers because their stories are just as riveting, thought-provoking and universally appealing as the stories coming from their non-African-American counterparts.
Please purchase at least one copy of Sugar for yourself, a friend or family member and spread the word as far and wide as you can.
Peace & Light,
Bernice L. McFadden
Bernice L. McFadden is the author of six critically acclaimed novels, including the classic Sugar and Nowhere Is a Place, which was a Washington Post best fiction title for 2006. Her long awaited seventh novel, Glorious will be published in May 2010.
Visit Bernice at:
email questions/comments:

 I may only be a novice writer who is trying to complete her own WiP, but I totally get how frustrating it must be to be in Bernice L. McFadden's position. I want to help her. And I want you to, as well. 
For a fellow writer, SPREAD THE WORD :)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

TENSE-ing Up

I'm in a dilemma.

Midway through SW  my writing voice is playing tricks on me.

Blame it on the tense. I don't know which one to use.
While some parts find clarity with the 'present' tense, others do so with the 'past' tense..and now I'm literally driving myself up the wall 'cause I'm all lost right now.

I know 'present' tense is the current fad, but I'd like to know, which tense sounds right to you?
And, what should I do? 'Cause IF's not being any help either.



I was at the bookstore last night (which shouldn't sound unusual since I'm always there. Whether I buy or not, I'll be there simply to smell the books). There weren't quite as many as I'd have liked but there were some I've been wanting to read for long.
Here's what I bought.
And, yes, I'm broke now.

WICKED LOVELY - Melissa Marr 
(Yes, finally after so long!)

DEVIL'S KISS - Sarwat Chadda
(Heard exciting things about this one..expectant)

ENVY - Anna Godbersen
(I have read neither LUXE nor RUMOR but I couldn't not buy this..something about the cover deff)

INK EXCHANGE - Melissa Marr
(I lurrrrve the cover! Companion novel to WICKED LOVELY)

(I should have got this ages ago..god only knows why I didn't)

WINGS - Aprilynne Pike
(When I read the first sample chapter on Aprilynne's web, I just had to get I can't stop grinning :-P)

(This lady still rules..:)

Worth being broke when you have a pretty post (thanks for acknowledging :-P) and such lovelt colours to brighten up your bookshelf.
Can't wait to read them! 
And they are all mine!
*Double Squee*

PS. I just realised I might have been unfair with the Teaser since I haven't really spoken about SW at length, leaving you with no clue to what it's about. I'll do that in the next post or the one after that.

Monday, November 16, 2009


This is a bit from the unedited, unrevised draft of my WiP tentatively titled Spirits Within I thought I'd share.




So there.
I must get back to Rosa ;-)

ALERT: Giveaway on Marjolein Book Blog

Marjolein's  hosting a giveaway on her blog MARJOLEINBOOKBLOG . The book in question is EXPLORER X --ALPHA by L.M. Preston to be launched in Feb. 2010.
Drop by for a chance to win it!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Update after an unwilling vacation from blogosphere/ Ebook hindrance(?)

First it was my space-bar that betrayed me.
Then the 'h' key, followed by the 'c' key, the 'm' key..and on and on and on. Perfectly traitorous.
That left me only with the ability to read blogs and not post anything new on mine. I tell you, resistance is a difficult job.
Turns out though, I had a freaking great time reading the blogposts. Yes, I read every post on all the blogs I follow and some that I don't-follow.
*Applause* to all of you out there!!
Mari Mancusi, writer of the Blood Coven series, wrote an awe-inspiring post on Kristen Nelson's blog. You might wanna hop over and check it out: click here.
Congrats for the relaunch, Mari! And, oh yes, the covers are gorgeous :D
Teen writer Nina Zivkovic just wrapped up her first book The Core: The Beginning. Congrats to her too!! I hope you find an agent ASAP :D
The countdown to Rhonda Stapleton's  Dec. 22nd debut, STUPID CUPID, has begun as well. I'm looking forward to this light and funny teen rom-com. A copy of the book along with other goodies is up for grabs, so you might as well drop by her blog.
This already looks like an exciting time. And with the NaNoWriMo (my MuFiWiPMo) deadline bobbing it's head up ever so slightly, there's a lot to look forward too as well.

I hope you're having a fun time with your writing and reading!
That reminds me, what's your take on ebooks? I kinda realised that ebooks aren't exactly my cup of tea. I don't know if it's me or the comp but I have a hard time connecting with characters when I'm reading an ebook. I abandoned BOY MEETS GIRL (even though I mostly enjoy Meg Cabot's books), THE LOST SYMBOL (if you put down a Dan Brown book you're quite clearly insane), MIDNIGHT SUN/partial draft (and I absolutely LOVE the TWILIGHT saga) and THE CHOICE (and this was the shortest). The only one I've managed to stick out with for so long is Richelle Mead's VAMPIRE ACADEMY (so that one's deff got something about it). What about you? How do you get along with ebooks?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Blues: Study or Write?

I think I'm finally settling into November. This time of the year always gets me flustered for reasons beyond my comprehension and this year with NaNoWriMo/University tests and results things got more unsettling. And I'm trying to deal with each one separately. Yeah.

a) I'm withdrawing from NaNoWriMo *blows a kiss to Emilia and Trisha (who's not here but was equally encouraging)*. So, like I said earlier, it's MuFiWiPMo for me. I HAVE TO finish my current WiP by the 30th. I'm not quite sure how, 'cause it's actually pretty long, but I will. Yeah. Now that's motivation talking *grins to self*. And sometime soon I'm gonna talk about my WiP so that you know what is/are this book/characters I've fallen hook, line and sinker in love with. These days, I remain in their world longer than I remain in mine. Maybe that's 'cause I fit better there.

b) I have a pile of books on my desk that needs to be read. Textbooks. And they need to be read by Monday which is when I have a test. Frankly I don't know a thing...but I'm getting there. Atleast planning to. The problem with University, especially mine where they have a "reputation" to live up to, is that it so gets in the way of my writing. Sadly, that can't really be helped, so I'm learning to live with that. Ahem. The good thing is, Monday's test includes Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, which is a text I enjoy. If only my sadistic professors would be kind enough to spare some marks. Sigh.

I had a lot planned for the evening. Like lessening the pile of books on the desk. Increasing the word count of Spirits Within. Basically, being prepared for Monday and the 30th of Nov. (that's not very far now that I think of it). And, well, this is how it (the evening, ie) basically turned out. Not exactly what you'd call 'according to plan'.
1) Made a new playlist.
2) Replied to emails.
3) Read Chapters 1-2 of Alyson Noel's Shadowland. Online. Even though I've read neither Evermore nor Blue Moon.
4) Watched Evermore book video on Youtube. Ogled at Damen guy.
5) Debated whether I should read Wicked Lovely or Evermore first.
6) Saw Wicked Lovely video. Ogled at Seth and Keenan.
7) Logged on Facebook.
8) Snacked on nuts.
9) Logged off Facebook.
10) Dumped nuts.
11) Watched Werecats: Stray video. Ogled at EVERYONE. Too hot for comfort *eyes elated* (here's the link incase you decide to give your eyes a pleasant surprise too:
12) Listened to Rachel Vincent's (author of Werecats series) interview.
13) Debated between Wicked Lovely, Evermore and Stray.
14) Continued reading Vampire Academy from where I had left off. Only Ebook I've stuck to for so long.
15) Drooled over Ben Barnes, winced over Megan Fox in a VA book trailer. Ouch.
16) Made a cup of coffee. Planning on doing that a lot tonight to keep awake and get Monday's stuff done.
17) Started blogging.
18) Daydreamed of this secret world with Ben Barnes..*sigh of pleasure*
19) Blogging....

It's time. I should get myself off this chair and, well, start slogging. For Monday.
Except that Rosa's all excitedly whispering in my head..
And, well...
Okay, there's Pride and Prejudice..and the accompanying bundle of notes...
And, there's the pen...oh bugger, Rosa I'm coming!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaNo or WiP or WiP INTO NaNo

 I'm so lost right now. I don't know what to do.
I took up the NaNoWriMo because I thought it would be an exciting opportunity to see how far I can push myself with a deadline looming and well, I like challenges. Thing is, four days into it and I'm not even sure if I'm cut out for it. My WiP characters are screaming inside my head: they won't let me rest in peace (in this case, work on the NaNo project). They want my attention and frankly, I miss them too. Not that the NaNo story doesn't have my attention. It does. If it didn't I wouldn't have spent even 24 hours on it. But what do I do? Does quitting NaNoWriMo make me a wimp? Should I get back to my WiP? And what happens with the deadline thing? Questions, questions. Only 26 more days left and I don't even know where I stand. Should I turn my WiP into my NaNo project and see how far I can proceed with that? Because quite honestly I need a deadline. I need someone to give me a nudge, a push..someone to say 'okay, if you don't get this done by then, you're not getting this (whatever 'this' is)..' From the little that I've learnt about myself, I do think I thrive under pressure. And, it's high time I complete my WiP, Spirits Within. The other night I literally woke up in cold sweat 'cause while on one side my SW soulmates were stamping their feet in need on the other side NaNo was smirking and shaking its head in slight disapproval.
The gnawing in my mind doesn't cease. Every time I decide on NaNo time Spirits Within launches into full fledged action. And when I finally make up my mind on SW, NaNo wags a finger under my nose as if to say 'you'd never get anything done' (go figure). 
Maybe I should turn NaNoWriMo to MuFiWiPMo (Must-Finish-WiP-Month) but then, will it be the same as working under an actual deadline? (Jeez, I need someone to wave a whip in my face as I race to Nov. 30th). Funny, a month that's supposed to embody something concise..condensed..nano is making things so complicated for me.
Sound/unsound advice anyone?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goin' Nano..

That time of the year.
And, I'm going nano!

Honestly, it IS time to buckle up and commit to my totality. Without the distractions. Yes. Ahem. Okay, so I really can't do much about distractions especially if they come in the form of something totally irresistable but then I'm gonna try not to DO much about them either.
So writing time. Now. Full-fledgedly. Atleast as much as I can manage with college getting in the way *grumble*
Anyway, here goes.
Rosa, Conner, Oliver...I'm all yours!
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