Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TEASER #3 : Breaking Away


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cyber Love

What is it with Feb?
Rose day, Kiss day, Chocolate day, Valentine's day, Hug day...*dies of too much mush*

*resurrects from the ashes of mush*
 Oh, well, minus an excess of goo-ey saliva, what's wrong with an overwhelming surge of love?

Back in the month of November, Rhonda Stapleton held a giveaway of her debut novel, Stupid Cupid. To be eligible for the contest, you had to write the most horrible love poem. I was snooping around when I found my entry, which I decided to post up here. I didn't win (turns out someone else's poem was horribler than mine) but the sadistic person I am, here's some cyber love coming your way. Cringe on.

Boy Toy

Hey pretty boy
Will you be my toy?
You make my tummy flip
And my heart play funny tricks
Every time you pass by my door
I keep wanting you more
Your skin is like vanilla cream
And lips the stuff of dreams
When on the busy road
As I try to dodge the Fords
Your face is all I see
So pretty boy, will you go out with me?

Moving on from cringe to awe (in respect to the sharing of love), Race my Cyber Twinsy destined for greatness, sent me the ILYCYAAYB blog award.
*breaks into merry dance*
*schools self*
I'm supposed to pass this on to 5 bloggers I absolutely love. If I could, I'd resend it to Race, because she is made of  wow-ness. If that's not allowed, I'll pass this on to you:

Karla: Queen of WiPs and SNIs- from Robin Hood to suicide victim savior, she has them all. Enough said.

Bailey: Have a look at all those author interviews! And that gorgeous Blue Abyss cover *sighs*

Choco: The most kickass book reviewer I know, who triggers some very interesting conversations on her blog.

Emilia: Because PWK made me decide to stay on in blogosphere and she rocks. Period.

Amna: Writer of the first blog I started following and I'm still hooked!

Now, it's your turn to pass it on.

Oh, and have you ever tried writing a horrible love poem?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winner + A Special Valentine (*Gift Snatched*)

It's time.
So who gets this?
My first giveaway is over and now it's time for the winners...

*Puts names into magic hat*

*shuffles content*

*pulls out...A Cute Little Bunny!*
Any takers? No? Sigh *puts bunny back into hat*

*holds breath*

And the winner of a signed hardcover copy of Angela Morrison's Sing Me To Sleep is...
*shuffles hat again*

The two winners of  signed Sing Me To Sleep/Taken By Storm bookmarks are...
Congratulations winners!! *sends hugs*
To claim your prizes please mail me your addresses here: bee_muses(at)yahoo(dot)com
Thank you all for joining and making this a success. You guys are fantastic <3
Huge thank you to Angela Morrison for giving away a copy of the book. You rock.

Now, onto the second part of my post.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to share some more love. Personally, I can't wait. Guess who is my valentine this time? My current WiP, Breaking Away. We'll be making love all day. Hopefully, we'll have produced a complete first draft in another month.

Anyway, there are always some lovely people around to spread the awesomeness of love. The generous Trisha Ashley is one such writer. She's giving away a copy of her brand new book Chocolate Wishes (coming out on March 4th '10) right here on Dreamcatcher's Lair.
Take a look at your delicious platter:
Can you resist?
Just think, this could be all yours *happy sigh*
All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments section underneath:

What wish of yours do you want to see coming true more than anything else?

Leave your email address with your answer below.
Anyone, anywhere can enter, so start wishing! (Deadline: March 1st, '10) 

                                          CONTEST OVER

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Write what you know VS Write what you want to know

I'm not going to spare you.
Not this time.
I'm bringing the much debated age-old debate right here for some new debating (*?*)

Write What You Know -  The Golden Advice. Coming down since the Jurassic Age or, whatever. If you're sensible and have your head on your shoulders, this is your motto. What makes this tick? Accuracy. If you write what you know, there's no chance of you going wrong with the facts (unless you're on the slightly deranged side). No wasting your time on research, 'cause, guess what? You already know!  
No chance of a reader from the south pole (in case your book is set in the south pole) shooting you a mail saying "Hello, I live here and there aren't were-kangaroos romancing us here!"and dedicating an online forum on how fake-tastic you are. Nope. Not a chance. You're golden. You're right. You're bought....


Write What You Want To Know - Who does this?
--the ones with spunk
--the inquisitive bunch
--the ones on the adventurous side
--those who think research is cool
--and most importantly, like me, those of us whose lives aren't interesting/public-limelight-catching enough to fill a whole book (A book about me? Not happening, dude)

What do you get to do here?
--research (and it's double fun than it sounds)
--create a whole different world in your head (and I'm not only talking about lands of talking lions or fast cars. I'm talking about the world you live in. Only you get to make it your way. Fun, eh?)
--get to be in the shoes of people who couldn't be more different from you
--get to be in places you've never been to (in Breaking Away Ronni attends a number of raves. I haven't been to any of these parties, but I know so much about them now *nods*)
--writing what you want to know, but not exactly having the privilege to really do it, leaves you with more knowledge about...things (I guess - refer to previous point) 
--and, um, you know what, you get to have more fun (who wants to read your autobiography unless you've been pursued by a sex maniac on a road trip, embraced self-discovery atop a spaceship light years away from the earth or experienced an equally life-changing episode that can shoot up the best seller list? Not me, folks. Sorry *shrugs*)

At the end of the day, what matters is that you have a story  you have a gnawing urge to spit out of your system and characters --whether they are fang-licious or furi-licious, dancing robots or walking oranges, aspiring-Olympic-winners or the girl-next-door-- who are people (or *cough*things*cough*) your readers will want to know, or, to rewind back, an agent will like enough to rep you.

Which brings me back to ask you, to get something written, which school of thought do you follow: Do you write what you know or write what you don't know and want to know?
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