Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winner + A Special Valentine (*Gift Snatched*)

It's time.
So who gets this?
My first giveaway is over and now it's time for the winners...

*Puts names into magic hat*

*shuffles content*

*pulls out...A Cute Little Bunny!*
Any takers? No? Sigh *puts bunny back into hat*

*holds breath*

And the winner of a signed hardcover copy of Angela Morrison's Sing Me To Sleep is...
*shuffles hat again*

The two winners of  signed Sing Me To Sleep/Taken By Storm bookmarks are...
Congratulations winners!! *sends hugs*
To claim your prizes please mail me your addresses here: bee_muses(at)yahoo(dot)com
Thank you all for joining and making this a success. You guys are fantastic <3
Huge thank you to Angela Morrison for giving away a copy of the book. You rock.

Now, onto the second part of my post.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to share some more love. Personally, I can't wait. Guess who is my valentine this time? My current WiP, Breaking Away. We'll be making love all day. Hopefully, we'll have produced a complete first draft in another month.

Anyway, there are always some lovely people around to spread the awesomeness of love. The generous Trisha Ashley is one such writer. She's giving away a copy of her brand new book Chocolate Wishes (coming out on March 4th '10) right here on Dreamcatcher's Lair.
Take a look at your delicious platter:
Can you resist?
Just think, this could be all yours *happy sigh*
All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments section underneath:

What wish of yours do you want to see coming true more than anything else?

Leave your email address with your answer below.
Anyone, anywhere can enter, so start wishing! (Deadline: March 1st, '10) 

                                          CONTEST OVER


Anonymous said...

Why, I wish that Trisha Ashley keeps writing great books for a very long time!

bookaholic said...

Thank you so much Bee!! I cant wait to hold my very OWN copy of Sing Me To Sleep!!!'

bookaholic said...

WOOH-HOO!!!Another giveaway!! And that too a book by Trisha Ashley! I read her Sowing Secrets and absolutely loved it!! I will surely enter this giveaway..

bookaholic said...

I am an ardent fan of romance and chicklits!These books have made me dream and have coerced me into hoping that one day my dreams will come true..Besides,all this talk of love and Valentine's Day has stirred the romantic bug in me to no extent!! :)
Thus,though I wish for many things,the top spot has to be given to 'everlasting love from that someone special'....what more could a romance-fed girl like me(or any person for that matter) wish for? When will I get my 'happy ending(s)'...?? *sigh*

bookaholic said...

O and forgot to put in my email id. It is

J. Fishler said...

Simple. I want to cross the Rubicon (get published) and I want jacket quotes by (they know who they are).
AND I want to be the first to review Chocolate Wishes on Amazon in the US. Not second or third - first!

Karla Calalang said...

I wish to finish my revamped first draft of Call Me Robin Hood within a month! That's awfully ambitious, but here's to hoping and wishing!

my email is kcalalang36(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I wish I could transport myself like they can do in Star Trek. I could get all my chores done in half the time and have fun at the same time. I could also transport myself to different countries, see all the sites and get back in time for tea! Then I could do it all again the next day! Wouldn't it be amazing??


Mary said...

Hmmm. Well, the first commenter made the best wish, of course. But other than that, I wish that the forces of good in this world will prevail over the forces of evil/stupidity/apathy/ignorance!

Rhiana said...

Great contest!

Right at this very minute, I wish for chocolate! I can't sleep and because of some silly notion about dieting I haven't got any in the house. I've got a lovely cuppa but it's just not right without a choccie biccie...

So instead I'll enter your contest for a book with Chocolate in the title! This keeps popping up in my Amazon recommendations so I'm interested

vida_77 at live dot com

CelticLady said...

I would like to have my family of 4 children and 2 grandchildren home with me. Right now they are scattered in the US. And wish I could eat more chocolate!!!

Thank you!!

Tara said...

More than anything else? I think... more than anything else, I want to be surprised with something marvelous and coincidental that I couldn't have made happen but which makes me so, so happy when it does, the sort of thing that renews your faith in the magic of the universe.

I'm also thinking Irish breakfast tea that doesn't send me to the bathroom seven times every morning, but that's not happening.

(Ah. It's, if it'll let me post that.)

Mystica said...

I wish my eldest girl would get married soon!!!

Also I would like to get this book very much. Almost as good as eating chocolate


Sue said...

Hmm... I want to take the dream European vacation that I've been dreaming of taking with my husband. It seems forever away, but I keep wishing! Thank you for the giveaway.

s.mickelson at gmail dot com

Linda Henderson said...

I would like my youngest daughter's pregnancy to go well and the baby boy to be born healthy. He is due in mid June

seriousreader at live dot com

bookaholic said...

Trisha's writing is always so brilliant and humorous...besides I love the cover of the book and the word 'chocolate' is delicious!!!!I so want a copy of the book!!!

Jessy said...

My wish that I want to come true is to have my very own library in my house

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

Pao Pasaoa said...

More than anything else, I wish to know myself.

Anonymous said...

I wish for... world peace! Just kidding, I couldn't help myself. I wish I could get over my procrastination issues and actually finish a novel, sooner rather than later.


Deb said...

I wish for...getting the bills paid off so I no longer have to be a slave to my day job. ahh...that would be so very nice.

deborah150 at hotmail dot com

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

I wish to see my grandchildren finish college...

Bill ;-)

billsmith2003 (at) gmail (dot) com

Hope you'll check out my book giveaway:

Haku said...

Well, I have many many wishes but maybe now I want to see coming true my travel to Japan, I love Japan! thanks for the contest!

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